AP button - press and hold

This one has my vote. It is really annoying when you disconnect A/P accidentally then you have to save your plane from a dive.


You literally do not know how many times I have pressed the A/P button by accident. This would help a lot! You have my vote.

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You have my vote. Hopefully this actually gets implemented


I’m going to vote for this. As I’ve just become a victim of accidentally disconnecting AP and incuring 5 violations and put back to Grade 2 and sent back to training server for “training” when it was a mistake.
Press and hold for 1 second would prevent so many unnecessary violations.

this is a good request. It would be good to see this.

Not only do us pilots make this mistake but kids and pets lurking around the device flying are prone to an accidental AP disengage 🙃

Great idea @azeeuwnl!

I fully agree with the AP disconnect change-but I truly believe a double tap feature would likely be a better call-if someone’s holding their device tightly during a hairy landing AP could get inadvertently disconnected while a double tap will protect from this-the thread is linked I believe.

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I was literally thinking about opening a forum about this, yes we need this because i accidentally pressed A/P instead of systems and almost crashed.

I got soooo many violations because of this im gonna have to vote on this

Since I fly on my iPhone 8, the systems button to open the systems is right above the auto pilot button making it very easy to brush your finger on it causing the aircraft to nose dive. I would love to see this implemented.