AP button - press and hold

I can’t even begin to count the number of people who’ve received violations after their aircraft did a nose dive, caused by the AP button accidentally pressed or touched. And I’m one of them…

So I am proposing a feature where the AP buttin behaviour is changed. Instead of just pressing it, I propose it needs to be pressed and held for a few seconds before auto pilot is actually turned off.

And while we’re at it. Can we have a warning signal as well please?

If you want an autopilot disconnect sound, you can get that with this:


You’ve got my vote! I flew a 737 simulator recently and to disconnect autopilot you have to press the button twice.

Would great to see the implemented into IF and I don’t think it would be to difficult.


If this AP system is faulty and it disconnects overnight while you’re sleeping and you don’t wake up to the noise, well it really doesn’t work much, I think overall it’s better to go the press and hold idea.

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This happens to me a lot actually. I hope this comes through to IF

You only have to press once to disconnect it, the second click is to mute the warning.

+1 to this feature, would be a nice protection for awkward fingers ;)


I experienced many times…

Sorry, that is true! I forgot. Your right!

We definitely need this. I fear disconnecting the A/P accidently especially when trying to access the “Systems” page to switch off/switch on the landing lights and seat belt sign.

Infact this is similar to the ‘calibrate’ problem we used to have earlier where you could accidently end your flight when trying to calibrate your device.


https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/double-tap-to-disengage-the-autopilot-especially-vs/171340Hate to be that guy… but there’s seems to be another topic, although slightly different (double tap vs touch n hold), it seems to be the same idea and has considerably more votes

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That is actually a good idea. On some of my short hauls, the AP would randomly shut off when I’m not looking. And then it would either go into a steep climb or a steep descent. Last time it did that I got 3 violations.

Good find. Your search was more thorough than mine. Two topics proposing to address the same issue in slightly different ways. Naturally I believe my idea is better 😉

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Sir You could vote it on my feature request tho


well yes, but thats not the same…

This is the best thing I’ve ever heard!!! YES!!!

That will be more realistisk!!

This is a great idea! Unfortunately I am out of votes.

I have voted for that one. I just couldn’t find your post anymore, so I made this one, which is a little different.
Your thread was mentioned above already. Scroll up.

You have my vote, @azeeuwnl

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This definitely has my vote this just happened last night as I’m a grade 1 with 4000 hours lol

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