Aotd may 25

What Is This?
  • This Is Just Pictures and Info about a Featured Or non featured airport
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Today’s airport, Is KPHX.

  • Active ATC
  • Smooth Flyin’

Planes Are At The Gate!

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I’m sorry, but what is this?

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I’m pretty sure AOTW stands for Airport of the Week. I may be wrong…

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Thats Right!

Yes it does, but why make this when there are certain airport each day from the ATC schedule?


It does not have to be ATC controlled.

if this is airport of the WEEK and this was posted today then why the next one tomorrow?

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If you are going to do a daily topic for an airport I suggest following the guidelines for the #screenshots-and-videos category.

  • You say of the day but then give a week in the title
  • The picture is not really of the airport and really doesn’t contain much for people to give feedback on.
  • We need to keep quality in mind when posting.
  • You are not really saying anything relating to the picture. Some details would be nice.

Nice picture mate. But make sure you mention the server, time etc as they must be there according to the rules of #screenshots-and-videos

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