AOPA Safety Video - P51 Engine Out, Off Airport Landing

Greetings one and all!

I recently came across a video from the AOPA Air Safety Institute. If you haven’t heard of ASI, they are an arm of the AOPA which aims to educate aviators on the potential hazards of flying, and how to handle those situations should you encounter them. If you haven’t seen their videos yet, go take a look!

The video I recently came across is one of a P-51 Mustang that experiences a partial engine failure and the pilot attempts to return to the airfield. Thankfully the pilot, Mark Levy, lives to tell the story of the experience. The entire incident was captured on multiple cameras inside the cockpit, giving us a rare view into the handling of an actual, real world emergency.

Mark sits down and discusses the actions he took, why he took them, and what he should have done differently. We train for these emergencies from the beginning of flight training, but its another thing to see this training in action. Give the video a watch and tell me what you think!


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