AOPA fly in | Missoula, Montana

Hello IFC!

Each year the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) hosts several fly in events at different cities around the USA. This year, Missoula Montana (KMSO), one of my home airports, was picked! Last Friday, my family and I drove there to check out the action. We watched some of the almost 500 aircraft fly in and went to the aircraft display, where tons of privite pilots and aircraft manufacturers were showing off their aircraft. Below are my best photos from the event, but make sure to watch the video at the end for the full experience. Enjoy!

Bombardier Global Express
This beautiful private jet is based in Missoula. It wasn’t part of the fly in, but I was very happy to see it for the first time!

Cirrus Vision Jet
I’ve always thought that this new aircraft looked cool, but seeing it in person made it one of my favorites. Make sure to watch the video to see it on short final.

Piper Super Cub
We saw lots of these little bush planes, but this one had a really cool livery.

Daher TBM 930
Coming soon to a flight simulator near you.

Runway 25
Runway 25/07 and part of the tarmac were closed, so we we got to walk around on them. Here you can see how busy the airport was, as there are planes parked in the grass on the side of the runway.

Diamond DA62
This is my favorite private aircraft, I was very happy to see it there!

Airport Terminal
Here is a distant shot of the KMSO airline terminal. The Delta A320 is from KMSP and the United E175 behind it is from KORD.

Neptune Avaition BAe 146 Air Tanker

Neptune Avaition is a KMSO based aerial firefighting company that operates 10 of these reconfigured BAes. They had one of these on display and even let people inside (See video).


This video includes lots of other arrivals and aircraft displays. It also has a small blurb at the end showing the Museum of Mountain Flying, a small museum located on the airport. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking at my photos! Which one was your favorite? Also, did anyone else from IFC come to this event?

Have a good day!


That would be awesome to have at your home airport!

Hope you had a blast!

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