AOA During Flare Manouvre

Hi All,

What AOA do you aim for during the flare? I normally aim for 2-3 degrees however I end up floating a mile

If you are floating that is because your speed is too high. Angle of attack isnt the problem here. You are landing too fast.


I’m landing about 140-150 knots.

On what plane…the speed u have to land and flare at depends on the plane

Like someone said already, if you float, basically you are bit faster. And flare too much. It’s just my thing but I always set speed that makes AOA 5° During final, and when i flare, I can just pull up the nose about 4°to 5° And land pretty fine with it.

Boeing 737

It also depends on ur weight and flap setting but generally 140-150 for a 737 is just a bit fast…slow it down to like around 125-130 adjust ur weight and flaps to suit and im sure u will be fine from there

The lighter you are, the slower your approach speed should be. Also try using flaps 30 instead of 40

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