ANZAC Day flight

To commemorate ANZAC Day, I was joined by some Aussies, Kiwis and one American to fly from the Australian capital of Canberra to the New Zealand capital of Wellington, enjoy the pictures!

Thanks for the great fun! @QantasVirtualGroup @EyesSkyward @Maxmustang @max7777 @Choccymilk @ralph_ocfemia @TimR @Ash_Rand @QVGVxnsh58 @anon70772274 @Thomas @Captain209

Flight time: just over 3hrs


Nice pictures! Thanks for coming down :)

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was a blast! had so much fun! thanks QVG for the event

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Great photos!

Thanks for coming! We are glad you enjoyed it :)

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Hey thats me under you!

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Nice pics mate

Very nice pictures! I’m sure you had fun with some imaginary TCAS in that last pic…

Wait you forgot me! Nah don’t worry, it was a great event, as well as your photos ;)