Anything I should know

So I am getting my Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick tomorrow, anything i should know when setting up. Like additional stuff or tips

If this is a duplicate or in the wrong category sorry

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Hey mate! What are you using the joystick for? Infinite Flight?

Yes sir!!!

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Belongs in #thirdparty. #meta is regarding topics of the forum itself.


Ah got it thanks

It’s not. Which is why it belongs in #thirdparty.


Have you downloaded live flight connect? If not, you need to download it ;)

Yup I have!!! I downloaded it on a windows PC is that ok?

100 percent it is! Do you want guidance regarding to trying to calibrate your joystick the correct way, or do you want to know if there is any additional info necessary, prior to using the joystick?

Any additional info. Because I wanna make sure it works

Well one big tip, which pretty much is an important thing to remember, is that each axis has to be different for the pitch, roll, throttle and rudder, to make it work. If they are different, but the pitch is acting like the roll, and the roll is acting as the pitch, try again, and see if they all fit into the axis that they are meant to belong in. That’s really all you need to know, I guess, good luck with connecting, there might be some times it doesn’t work, it certainly needs some patience to connect. ;)

If you have a good internet connection + a working USB portal in you Windows laptop/pc, you’re good to go. If you have any questions how to make it work once it arrives, dont hesitate to shoot me a PM!

For me, when I got my joystick, all the axis were set up already and calibrated. Then I just needed to bind the buttons to what I wanted. Make sure you don’t bind the throttle controller to anything as it should already be set up.

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