Anything free coming to game soon?

There haven’t been many planes or regions added to the game for free in YEARS, is there anything in the near future that will keep the players not using IF Pro coming back to the game instead of ignoring them and solely focusing on the players with Pro even though the game costs money to purchase anyway. Thanks!

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We released the XCub a month or two ago, which has live instruments and the all latest modelling, and is entirely included in the price of the initial download.


Well they only make majority of their money on IF Pro so, I’d assume they keep doing stuff for IF Pro only!

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I don’t really see the reason to add anything more to the non subscription users, yet. A lot of regions split all around the world with a good few aircrafts to choose really does the joy to introduce and fly around with.


The A320 series received a live cockpit not too long ago which includes the A321 for non pro subscribers.


I was wondering this, too! So long since I have not yet played without a subscription though. To add to this, I’d simply create real life short haul in the selected regions and play along! If I get bored of this I may also ask for the Pro-sub ticket.

  • XCub with animated cockpit
  • Fully animated cockpit for the A321
  • Expansion of the California regions to allow for longer flights
  • Expansion of the Chicago/Wisconsin regions to allow for longer flights
  • Reworked features of the B737
  • Completely reworked A10 with multiple liveries and an animated cockpit

… all in the last year.

… all at no cost to you.

… all at an added cost for us.

We do stand by our commitment to non-Pro users but there must be a reasonable expectation that we ask for a small return on our tireless development efforts. This is done in the form of a Pro subscription which gives you access to everything, both present and future, for the price you’d pay to go to the movies once a month.

Cheers! ✈️


I pray for a Solo subscription (world access in Solo only). Until from that I do with the limited areas of the actual solo mode.


Seriously, though, the infrastructure required to host the users costs money. Employing developers and others costs money. Development itself has embedded costs whether it be via time, labor and resources. Licensing of liveries among other items costs money.

The developers have sunk costs. They have recurring expenses for the existing game and the infrastructure needed to host it. They have future costs tied to further development, innovation and expansion.

In a capitalist society, that means that their service provided has a value attached to it. It’s up to the individual consumer to determine if they consider it a fair exchange (AKA, the market).

You, yourself, can experiment with this in the real world if you wish. You can offer your services to an employer (your labor), and let us know if you think your initial paycheck is sufficient for your ongoing labor in perpetuity.


Well the xcub has 2-3 free liveries for non-pro subscribers. [I think]

Tyler Shelton with the drop of the gavel

I wish but probably not for a while ;)

Did you even read?

The live instruments on the 321 were released literally a week and a half ago. It’s been 10 days since something was last added.


21 cents a day for 365 days a year to play Infinite Flight. 👌. I always save my pennies everyday just to get my yearly subscription😉


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