Anything for the Saudi community

Why is there no ATC at Jeddah or liveries for Saudia some games have millions of liveries only infinite flight dosen’t have

The developers of IF are trying to spread the liveries as most as possible to satisfy everybody, but it’s impossible to have all the liveries that everyone wants. Fast adding them would compromise the quality. So you can vote for them in the features category.

Regarding ATC, there is not a lot you can do about that. You could make an event and ask ATC to do their thing on the aiport of choice.
The IF ATC schedule regularly has some aiports that aren’t very common places to fly to add more diversity so that people fly over places they usually don’t come to.

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There are a319,b777,b777F,b787 🙂

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It is rare to see infinite flight add liveries

We do have it I’m talking about the A330

MD-11 also

It may take a while, but if there is a big group of people supporting a livery. They might add it (like the Transavia 737-800).

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There is already a Saudia MD11(F) in the game.
But I think you mean the Passenger Variant?

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No I didn’t mean the passenger

Well, IF has it then :)

Yes it is retired tho

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Yup, most of the MD11F’s (in IF)

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Sadly, the A319 one isn’t accurate. It’s more accurate for the A320, however.

  • ATC: Since IF it’s not a flight simulator with AI ATC like most high-end games, you can’t expect to have ATC available on all airports. Instead, airports are controlled by real people. And I believe every person here has obligations to do at some point in the day.

Assuming you are talking about the Expert Server. If you want guaranteed ATC or at least a high chance, you could fly Into the scheduled airports, since this are most likely to have ATC during that day. Or create an event with the specific airport you like, like @Jelmer_de_Vries1 mentioned.

  • Liveries: Since Infinite Flight has a small team, I believe that their main focus right now is to improve the game itself overall and more important things, but they are doing a good job (in my opinion) adding new liveries every time they can.

Speaking of liveries, I suggest reading some response from the staff first (quoted in the link):

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Just to add;

Just because any of the aircraft in our fleet is used by a certain airline, doesn’t mean we will be having that airlines livery.