Anything but Dull! Snoman's Flyout Series 3.3 @KIAD - 292000ZFEB20

Anything but Dull - Washington Dulles International Flyout

Hi everyone! We are now well into my flyout series, Snoman’s Flyout Series ! You can read about it here:

This February, the featured region is the DC Area! The other events are Baltimore (BWI/KBWI) and Regan National (DCA/KDCA) which are both posted below.

Washington Dulles is the primary airport for Washington D.C. It is a huge United hub and features many regional routes! It also features a ton of international airlines and destinations because Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States, so there’s a lot of international demand.

About Washington DC:

About Dulles International Airport:

Event Info:

Server: Expert

Airport: KDCA

Time: 2020-02-29T20:00:00Z

A note about liveries: The following aircraft have multiple liveries in Infinite Flight. Pilots must state which livery they will fly with. An asterisk means that there is only one gate with this livery available. I have removed liveries that have already been taken.

American 737-800
  • Normal
  • Old*
  • Astrojet*
  • TWA*
Alaska 737-900
  • New
  • Old
  • More to Love*
Southwest 737-700
  • Canyon Blue
  • Heart
  • Desert Gold*
  • Illinois One*
  • Shamu*
Southwest 737-800
  • Canyon Blue
  • Heart
United 757-200
  • United Continental
  • Star Alliance*

The Gates:

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
1A United CRJ-700 Atlanta-KATL
1B United CRJ-700 Columbus-KCMH
1C United CRJ-700 Nashville-KBNA
1E United CRJ-700 Raleigh/Durham-KRDU
1F United CRJ-700 Hartford-KBDL
1G United CRJ-700 Kansas City-KMCI
2A United CRJ-200 Wilmington-KILM
2B United CRJ-700 Toronto-CYYZ
2C United CRJ-200 Syracuse-KSYR
2E United CRJ-200 Lexington-KLEX
2F United CRJ-700 Dallas/Ft. Worth-KDFW
2G United CRJ-200 Albany-KALB
3A United CRJ-700 Indianapolis-KIND
3B United CRJ-700 Charleston-KCHS
3C United CRJ-200 Roanoke-KROA
3E United CRJ-200 Harrisburg-KMDT
3F United CRJ-700 New York LaGuardia-KLGA
4A United CRJ-700 Huntsville-KHSV
4B United CRJ-200 Plattsburgh-KPBG
4C United CRJ-700 Manchester-KMHT
4E United CRJ-200 Ithaca-KITH
4F United CRJ-700 Buffalo-KBUF @MJP_27
5A United CRJ-200 Scranton-KAVP @CaptainZac
5B United CRJ-200 Montreal-CYUL
5C United CRJ-700 Providence-KPVD
5E United CRJ-200 Shenandoah Valley-KSHD
5F United CRJ-700 Savannah-KSAV
6A United CRJ-200 Cleveland-KCLE
6B United CRJ-700 Burlington-KBTV
6C United CRJ-700 Cincinnati-KCVG
6E United CRJ-200 Richmond-KRIC
A14 Alitalia 777-200ER Rome-LIRF
A15 Air France 777-300ER (SkyTeam Livery) Paris CDG-LFPG
A19 Copa 737-800 Panama City-MPTO @Armani_B
A22 Emirates A380 Dubai-OMDB
A23 Etihad 787-9 (Generic) Abu Dhabi-OMAA
A31 Aeroflot A330-300 Moscow-UUEE
A32 Cathay Pacific A350-900 Hong Kong-VHHH

Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B37 South African Airways A330-300 Johannesburg-FAOR via Accra-DGAA
B40 Lufthansa A350-900 Munich-EDDM
B41 Turkish Airlines 787-9 (Generic) Istanbul-LTFM
B44 Lufthansa 747-8 Frankfurt-EDDF @Aviation3
B45 Air China 777-300ER (Generic) Beijing-ZBAA
B48 TAP A321 (Generic) Lisbon-LPPT
B49 Aer Lingus A330-300 (Generic) Dublin-EIDW
B50 Avianca A320 San Salvador-MSLP
B62 Southwest 737-700 Atlanta-KATL
B63 Alaska 737-900 Seattle-KSEA
B64 Southwest 737-800 Denver-KDEN
B65 Alaska A320 Los Angeles-KLAX
B66 Delta 717 Atlanta-KATL
B67 Alaska 737-900 San Francisco-KSFO
B70 Delta A319 Seattle-KSEA
B71 American 737-800 Los Angeles-KLAX
B72 Delta CRJ-200 New York JFK-KJFK
B73 American CRJ-900 Charlotte-KCLT
B74 Delta 737-800 Salt Lake City-KSLC
B75 American 737-800 Dallas/Ft. Worth-KDFW
B76 Delta CRJ-900 Detroit-KDTW
B78 Delta CRJ-900 Minneapolis-KMSP
B79 Sun Country 737-800 (Generic) Minneapolis-KMSP

Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C1 United 787-9 Beijing-ZBAA
C2 United 787-9 Denver-KDEN
C3 United 777-200ER San Francisco-KSFO
C4 United 767-300 London Heathrow-EGLL
C5 United 737-800 Guatemala City-MGGT
C6 United 767-300 Geneva-LSGG
C7 United 767-300 Zurich-LSZH
C8 United 737-800 Sacramento-KSMF
C9 United 737-700 Grand Cayman-MWCR
C11 United 737-800 Tampa-KTPA
C12 United 737-700 Miami-KMIA
C14 United A320 Hayden/Steamboat Springs-KHDN
C17 United 757-200 Houston Bush-KIAH
C18 United 737-900 Cancun-MMUN
C19 United 767-300 Amsterdam-EHAM
C20 United E170 Portland (Maine)-KPWN
C22 United A320 Fort Lauderdale-KFLL
C23 United 737-900 Aruba-TNCA
C24 United E170 Nassau-MYNN
C26 United E170 Pittsburgh-KPIT
C27 United 777-200ER Los Angeles-KLAX
C28 United 737-800 New Orleans-KMSY

Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
D1 United 737-800 San Jose-MROC
D2 United 737-900 Phoenix-KPHX
D3 United 767-300 Sao Paulo-SBGR
D4 United 737-900 Boston-KBOS
D5 United 777-200ER Tokyo Narita-RJAA @anon57683537
D6 United A320 Fort Myers/Southwest Florida-KRSW
D7 United 777-200ER Tel Aviv-LLBG
D8 United A320 Mexico City-MMMX
D10 United A320 Las Vegas-KLAS
D11 United 737-900 Seattle-KSEA
D12 United E170 Austin-KAUS
D14 United A320 Newark-KEWR
D15 United 787-9 Paris CDG-LFPG
D16 United A320 Orlando-KMCO
D18 United 737-800 Portland-KPDX
D19 United 737-800 San Juan-TJSJ
D20 United E170 Charlotte-KCLT
D21 United 767-300 Honolulu-PHNL
D23 United 757-200 San Diego-KSAN
D24 United 737-900 San Antonio-KSAT
D26 United 777-200ER Munich-EDDM
D29 United 737-900 Chicago O’Hare-KORD
D30 United 777-200ER Brussels-EBBR
D32 United 777-200ER Frankfurt-EDDF

Concourse Z
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Z6 Air Canada E175 Toronto-CYYZ @Bren_McDonell
Z7 Air Canada CRJ-200 Montreal-CYUL
Z9 Frontier A320 Orlando-KMCO
Z10 Frontier A320 Austin-KAUS

Remote Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
R3 Porter Dash 8 Q400 Toronto City-CYTZ @Sashaz55
R5 Air India 787-8 Delhi-VIDP
R7 ANA 777-300ER (Generic) Tokyo Narita-RJAA
R9 Austrian 767-300 (Generic) Vienna-LOWW
R11 British Airways 787-9 London Heathrow-EGLL
R12 Korean Air 777-300ER (Generic) Seoul-RKSI
R13 Egypt Air 787-9 (Generic) Cairo-HECA
R14 KLM A330-300 (Generic) Amsterdam-EHAM
R15 Ethiopian 777-300ER (Generic) Addis Ababa-HAAB
R16 Icelandair 757-200 Reykjavik-BIKF
R17 Qatar 777-300ER Doha-OTHH
R19 Royal Air Maroc 787-8 Casablanca-GMMN
R22 Saudia 777-300ER (Generic) Riyadh-OERK
R24 Saudia 777-300ER (Generic) Jeddah-OEJN
R26 SAS A330-300 Copenhagen-EKCH
R28 Virgin Atlantic A330-300 (Generic) London Heathrow-EGLL

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
FedEx Cargo Apron 1 FedEx MD11F Harrisburg-KMDT
FedEx Cargo Apron 3 FedEx MD11F Indianapolis-KIND
FedEx Cargo Apron 4 FedEx MD11F Memphis-KMEM
FedEx Cargo Apron 5 FedEx MD11F New York JFK-KJFK
FedEx Cargo Apron 6 FedEx MD11F Newark-KEWR
UPS Cargo Apron UPS 757-200 Louisville-KSDF

General Aviation
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
FBO Dulles Jet Center 1
FBO Dulles Jet Center 2
FBO Dulles Jet Center 3
FBO Dulles Jet Center 4
FBO Dulles Jet Center 5
FBO Dulles Jet Center 6
FBO Dulles Jet Center 7
FBO Dulles Jet Center 8

What airline will you fly?

  • United
  • International Airlines!
  • Underrepresented US Airlines
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Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you there!

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First sign up! I will take this gate thank you!

Great, thanks for coming!

This one please!

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Awesome see you there!

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Gate A19 please! 🇵🇦

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I knew you’d take that one! :D

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Let’s fill Dulles up!


I unfortunately won’t be able to attend, but I just wanted to say great job organizing this! It really is looking good. Just a side note, the Air India flight to Delhi VIDP recently had an aircraft change (for the foreseeable future) to the b787-8 from the b77W. Also, the Air India flight departs from concourse B, not from a remote gate. don’t know if you want to make these edits, but this would keep up with realism which may be something that would do good for an event like this.

Great job and keep up the good work!

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Thank you for your kind words! I have switched to a 787! I am aware that this flight departs from the B gates, however there just aren’t enough gates to accommodate all of the flights at one so I have the rest in the remote stands

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@snoman the flight to FAOR uses an A333…

I’ll take the flight to Narita on United (not sure where it is)

Thanks for catching that! You’re signed up :)

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Can I have the A32 to Hong-Kong pls
A359 Cathay

Enjoy the A350!

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Thx I’m a A350 LOVER ❤️😂

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Let’s fill Dulles up!

United CRJ200 To Scranton (AVP) Callsign: United 3781

Sure thing! Thanks for coming!

Sorry I can not be there, I’m not available…😞