Anyone you know who isn't especially interested in aviation?

So I don’t know if topic is worth it but I did remember that some of my friends (who really weren’t into aviation) played Infinite Flight…

For my case, it was a schoolmate and a teacher (hahaha a teacher!)

So for those whose schools ban Infinite Flight, I feel like this is an awkward topic for you… 😂

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What do you mean by “he can’t see the runway”? Lol

Once I recommended the flight simulator to a friend, he likes it but he can’t yet land a cessna.

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Hahaha I guess we should be good friends and help them out!

About the Cessna as @flyingdutchman mentioned… well that’s really awkward 😂

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My friends have tried it before, they usually forget to use throttle and when they forget they begin stalling and they pull the phone to their stomachs since they don’t use trim either!

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OMG Best phrase ever!!

I have learned never let my friend play IF live. I always say don’t go on live so he won’t mess up my grade and get violations.


My classmate downloaded IF

Him: I can’t takeoff
Me: No Duh you have your brakes on


Hahaha you reminded me of the classic “Chocks Away!” joke!

What kind of school would ban infinite flight? What is this? GTA 5?

I find it weird too… It’s not like the whole school plays it 😂

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My school bans phones almost entirely… Do we listen? No… Do we care? As long as we don’t get caught, we don’t. Will I play IF in class tomorrow? Maybe… I’ll definitely be listening to music…


Yes, Nickchan.


I got my cousin (10y) into watching some episodes of Air Crash Investigation, he loved it.Then I induced some love for Infinite Flight into him. Now he wants to buy IF and play live. haha


Great to hear that from you, dush! I induced love for Infinite Flight to my cousins too! 3 of them 😂

Probably most people i know.

To be fair I never use trim either. I’m used to flying 109s in other flight sims so the jet and turboprop aircraft in this game are incredibly easy for me to control.

Schools ban infinite flight!?!? Why!?!?