Anyone with medical advice?

Becoming a pilot is my dream job. However, due to my poor eyesight I have yet to achieve it. There’s one thing I don’t understand about class 1 medical, it’s a big hurdle that I’ve to overcome and the main reason why I’ve been rejected and correct me if I’m wrong about this statement: Most airlines wouldn’t want someone to go for LASIK surgery if he/she couldn’t make the cut and would result in instant rejection should they attempt it. That being said if my eyesight is too high (above 600) for both eyes, I’m not allowed to go for eye surgery for the purpose of correcting my eyesight to 6/6 vision and thus the only way to do so is wear glasses. But even with glasses, the problem is still not solved as my eyesight is still over 600!

Indirectly speaking, if I’ve over 600 degrees of eyesight, is the airline telling me to just stop trying and move on?


I don’t see why they wouldn’t let you have laser eye surgery if it improves your eyes all the people I know that have had it done there eyes are perfect now

I think it can damage your night vision ability’s.

I would recommend this video by Captan Joe.


I wear glasses all the time. If your vision can be corrected by either glasses or contacts I’m sure your fine! I have no problem getting a first class


You’re vision must be at a minimum correctable to 20/20 to meet the FAA standards for a 1st Class Medical Certificate. According to CFR 14 Part 67.103

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In the above CFR it states 20/20 with or without corrective lenses.

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I know where you’re coming froem as a colourblind person. I always wanted to be a pilot until a couple of years ago when my dad told me I wouldn’t pass a medical. However colourblind people can still get a PPL!


Hey there! I’m not to sure about my medical advice so I just won’t jump in but I just want to say, If you think you can, set your mind to it and do it! You got this! I do understand the struggle for people with colorblindness and I hope someday it can be fixed so almost everyone can fly.

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Hey bud! While I am by no means an AME it even close to an expert in the subject, there is a lot of great info out there on the web. Here is an article from AOPA adressing some of the concerns with vision. Hope this helps!

Exactly, unless my eyesight improves I don’t understand why the airline doesn’t accept it. I believe one reason was that there were many candidates before me who tried to apply got rejected afterwards as their eye developed complications after LASIK. But that’s just pure rotten luck.

Yes but I’m not sure if there’re limits to that. I’ve read from somewhere (idk if it’s perceived thought) that the restriction is that I have to be below 600 degrees myopic (eg: 400 degrees) and if I wear glasses to correct it I should be fine. However, if I’m higher than 600 degrees even if the myopia can be corrected to 6/6 I wouldn’t stand a chance of obtaining class 1. At least that’s what my local airline (Singapore) and the air force there has highlighted in their pre-requisites. What about other airlines?

Wait, you can be colorblind and a pilot? I am colorblind aswell!

I can’t speak for Singapore as I’m only familiar with US FAA standards. I have a buddy going for a Navy pilot slot and they are accepting lasik for him. As for medical standards they’re set by the government not the airline here.

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I wear glasses and I’m going for LASIK real soon - I am able get a 1st class medical due to it.

I didn’t say anything about color in my post did I. I’m talking about regular good ole reading glasses and contacts. Jeez you people

You can get a PPL if you’re colourblind.

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I’m getting one of these for Christmas to pin on my wall to check (I don’t wear glasses) svg


I can’t even freaking read the first letter at the top, can you imagine how blind I am?

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20/20 is about 6 meters .

I know different airline set different standards, it’s a sad thing Singapore Airlines sets very high standards for new candidates.

Even if I were to apply for other airlines, I would have to pay the full cost of their training. So it’s like one problem solved another arises. Argh it’s just so difficult to become one.

I had PRK, and had 20/400.

No issues, I see 20/15 now. and night vision was a tad blurry for like 3 months

And I have a med. class 1