Anyone willing to help and be part of a new starting VA?

Hello everyone, I’m creating a new va. I didn’t apply for registration yet, because it is still raw and not in the latest shape as how I want. I know there is a place for this

But that thread is for the ones that are already approved and actively looking for staff which is not my case because it is still in preparation and I don’t know any other way to find people who can be part of staff and help me, so I opened this topic.

Anyone who wants to help me will be automatically part of the management in the future once the airline is officially released. It is a cargo airline and I’m currently preparing a database for the airline.

Requierement: Someone who is willing to put some effort so we build it together. I’m very excited for my project and I assure you will like it as well.

Preferably a russian speaker but not necessary.

The Airline I’m creating iis Russian based cargo airline.

Volga-Dnepr Group. It is a merge of 4 different cargo companies. (Air Bridge Cargo, Cargo Logic, Volga-Dnepr and Atran)

Our hubs are going to be in Moscow, Ulyanovsk and London.

I would give more details when we preapare everything and wait for approval because I don’t want to make this thread look like an advertisement, the reason I made this topic is to look for help and if anyone wants to be part of my team from the very beginning.

Merry Christmas to all and thanks in advance!

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Firstly wishing you all the best on your project!

Mostly what we like to handout as IFVARB is that you can start a VA/VO with your friends. If you still need more people to help then you could request some users which you think would be interested in this (in this I mean you can ask some Russian users).

If you need technical help then I suggest you reach out to the IFVARB Tech Team in search of assist regarding anything technical for your VA/VO.

If you need general assist then DM and I’ll try my best to help you. I won’t be a staff but helping someone won’t hurt to me.

Happy Holidays!

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Thanks a lot Adrian! I will look at your suggestions!

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