Anyone who has £748’000 to spare?

There is a little offer active on ebay for a tiny Concorde Engine. All you need then are a couple screws and a second engine, and you can build your own Concorde. I mean, that’s a start.


This just makes me realise I can barely afford to buy chicken wings right now. I’m now hungry and broke cheers


I know someone who could’ve bought like half the engine. I know it wouldn’t help much having a cut off 50% Concorde engine than the whole thing buuuut as you said Marc…

Gotta start somewhere, right 😉


I dont know, would be a pretty epic coffee table.


The fan blade part would serve as a table and you could rotate it too, that’s very nifty 😃

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Build a car around it. It would be great for drag racing.


Let’s build the Concorde again together!
Just need some money but that’ll be fine🤣

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I can spare you my 2 $ i have left in my bank

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Sorry I don’t have that much money, I spent it all on AirPods


I have a £7000 bank loan out so I’ll give you that and I can have a fanblade 😉

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I got £5 if you want it ;)


Plus, BA signed a restriction on it so you can’t use it :(

Wow! Who thought that it would actually sell a Concorde engine. This price is relatively cheap in my opinion as this is a rare thing to find nowadays. I think it should be worth we’ll over a few millions pounds.

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(Easiest way to make money in 2019)

Any millionaires 🤔

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Wings are expensive. I can’t afford to buy oat meal, and that is cheap as hell.

The 1%. And here you see my Concorde engine coffee table, it cost a cool 748,000.

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Not if you buy 🐔 from 7/11

I was going to make an offer for $1. What would happen if I actually got it?

Still, can’t afford it.