Anyone Wants to join me?

Hey guys Im doing a flight from Seoul Gimpo-Tokyo If anyone wants to join the Info is at The bottom

If you want to Join please spawn at 1:20pm-1:25pm, The latest you can hop in With me is at 1:30pm, You really Don’t have to join I just want Little buddies To fly with me, If you can’t Join thats fine, But If You’re Later than 1:35pm The Deadline is 1:50pm, If you’re coming Have fun!

Training server

I’d like to join

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Ok thanks take any plane that goes to Tokyo, and any airline and gate, but not mine t2 g4

Im going to bump it up 5 more Minutes, Cause the Read only thing

Airport Code Rkss to Rjtt

ill copy your flight plan

Ok Thats Fine Join in 10 min

Info Training Server Seoul Gimpo Code, Rkss, Tokyo code, Rjtt

Join in 5 Minutes!

Start Joining!

Start Joining

ive been here, ready

what are you doing 💀

where you go?

Hey how do you type time like that?

I made it where did you go?

Create a Little Thing and at the top, there is calendar click the bottom of it put the time.

Who was ATC?

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