Anyone want to take over an abandoned airline of mine?

Hey! I’ve started to create an VA and realized that I do not have a high enough IFC trust grade.
Is anyone interested in taking it temporarily over for me?

Defeats the purpose of having a VA at all. If you don’t meet the requirements, just wait until you reach the appropriate trust level. Sorry.

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Get to know the workings of the IFC! It’ll be a really fun time to connect with people while you work for TL2. Not giving up shows good leadership and that with roadblocks in the way you’ll go around them. If your active and contribute here everyday you’ll be TL2 in no time.

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I moved this to general as OP is TL1 and cannot post in #live:va as they must be TL2 per category guidelines.

I totally agree with @infiniteflight_17 above. Also, given you don’t have the trust level required I would assume the VA isn’t IFVARB approved. The majority of potential staff members in IFC would most likely be looking for an approved VA to work in.

Get interacting and go legit when the time is right would be my advice.

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