Anyone want to start a VA with me?

Let’s not turn this into a suggestion thread.


Ukraine international
TAAG Angola

@Infinite_Qantas @Andrey_Wing @ran Please send me a PM with your suggestions

I don’t give suggestions anymore as you can figure it out yourself (I believe you can)
I’ve sent you links to all the taken Airlines for making a VA.
Now I wish you good luck with creating the VA

Alright, I’ll PM you

Secondly, El Al does not have virtual airlines. Check the IFVARB page and use the filters. El Al is not there in reservation or database. I understand about Flydubai.

Oh, I didn’t knew El Al was closed🤷‍♂️

Yes, I understand that Flydubai is reserved. I checked that. All I’m saying is El Al doesn’t have any VA as of right now.

Okay, I didn’t knew they were closed

Neither did I. I actually thought that no one had made an El Al VA before.

But at least that’s free for now.

@Aviation_Alex, do you want VAs that have more than one type of aircraft in their fleet or are you okay if they have only one type of aircraft in their fleet?

Anything is fine, but I have a team and we’re currently underway with making it, if you want to join the team send me a pm

I’ve just read over the whole topic, I know I may be repetitive to some others, but it needs doing.

You’ve already read this, I suggest giving it a good read.

You don’t need a whole team to start a VA, just type up an operations plan, experience statement, and make a simple website on, eventually building up to information on your VA. The website is the fundamental structure to getting approved. Once you are approved (check that the VA isn’t copyrighted, you can find it out at, or PM an IFVARB member.), you can open a staff request thread. THIS is where you make your team, not in their own special topic unless given approval by an IFVARB member.


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I can help with routes, and other small stuff

I believe that we have a guy for that covered but Ill keep you in mind incase anything pops up

Just contact me here or on discord on Avgeek#6459

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