Anyone want to start a VA with me?

I have a few ideas for it, looking for 2-4 people to help me create a website, routes, and other things needed for a VA. I will make either a Slack or Discord channel for us to communicate once I have people that say they want to join in. Send me a PM if you’re interested!

Hey! Take a look at this regarding Virtual Airlines

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Thanks for the link, I’ve already read up on them and the requirements to start one, just need people to do it with.

I suggest putting the work in first, then you can request staff once in the approval process (20% stage)

He doesnt wants staff, he wants someone who can work with him

That’s basically staff.

Hmm, any other info you can provide?

What airline you thinking?

I was originally thinking Frontier because there’s currently no reservations or an active Frontier, but if you have another idea I’m open to suggestions

hey, i’m taken by SWVA, but good luck with this! You can do anything if you put your mind to it

Hawaiian would be cool

There will never be a Hawaiian again sorry the board won’t let it happen. Just to make sure you don’t waste your time!

How come?
What happened

It is because of copyright issues…
But some nice VA’s to start with are:
Royal Jordanian
Royal Air Marroc
And probably many more

Frontier could be Nice option!:)

Hey, check your PMs! I will be able to help you!

I would like to help you too!

How about:

-El Al

FlyDubai is already there
Same as El Al…
Take a look here for reserved airlines. (This is for you too @Aviation_Alex)

And here for already approved ones

Air Bridge Cargo