anyone want to help me/lead adding a virtual airlines manager for me?

Hi all. Yesterday i received great feedback on what to do in order to download VAM. One problem, with all the tutorials i still cant understand how to set it up. It is installed on my computer and i want to add it to my weebly website. Can anyone give me instructions or tips. Thank you all.
-Nate Weisman; Deputy President of the ACVA

any help will be appreciated

Just hire a man already 😂

i tried but he thought he was making a website not adding vam lol

I don’t think you can add vam, since weebly is just a copy and paste website builder. (Might be different if you have a paid plan on weebly). You can add a pilot center but I am also in the process of doing that. Hope this helped in a way. 👍

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VAM is not available on drag and drop sites. You’ll need a hosting account with phpmyadmin/MySQL databases. Some free hosting options are and, although free services may not work as well as paid ones.

changing the topic lol. Can anyone help me or add a virtual airlines manager onto a weebly website for me. If you do, you’ll be guaranteed a staff role at the ACVA.

I don’t think you understand. Even with a paid Weebly subscription, you cannot use VAM on it. As stated above, running VAM requires a MySQL database, and you cannot run one of those on Weebly.

You can either buy your own web server to host it on, which I can help out with (that’s kind of my job), but those can get pricey, especially with how much people charge per query. If you don’t know what a query is, don’t go with a paid database.

If you don’t want to spend money, here’s what you can do. You can make your main website with the static pages on Weebly, and then have one tab that links to a Crew Center. This would link to the VAM you have set up on a free server. You can use, as that seems like the most reliable. Once I’m done with my UVA Crew Center, I’ll make a YouTube tutorial on how to set up VAM on 000webhost.


So if I make a vam on 000webhost I can link it to my weebly? If so that’s what I want to do.

And nice to be back in contact with you Arjun @RealAviation1974

And you as well. You can absolutely create VAM on 000webhost. There aren’t any tutorials to date, but as long as you know how to copy and paste some stuff, you should be set.

Idk if I do but I’ll try when I arrive at home. 😂

VAM is now installed. I have a website on so i can add the VAM to the website. But the question is, how do i even do that?

@natedog508, it looks like you have no idea how to set up a VAM. That’s good, I know that feeling. With a little help at the start with setting up the host, I managed to do this site ( from scratch , without any previous coding experience.
No, I am not advertising here! Just an example what you can get out of VAM 2.6.2. Setting up is the easiest part if I look back. The customisation without coding experience was far more worse than this, plus took extra time. But with a trial and error approach, you can get there. Let me know if you need assistance, I might be able to help a bit after work today. You need a host suitable for your language needs as the only one I know and currently use is by a Hungarian provider. It’s free though. Worth mentioning that free sites can cause issues with VAM modules. Good example is the hub page of my site, where 50% of the maps display an error instead of the routes.
I’ll be available after around 1400Z.

Thank you. Help WILL be needed. 1400 Zulu is 6:00 am for me. Will 1600 Zulu work for you?

It does though I have to check if I have any scheduled flights for today, however it shouldn’t be a problem. Pm me the details of your VA (preferred site address), so I might be able to set it up on the host I’m currently using for the time being, or at least until you can find a host your own. Administrator surface is in English for the phpmyadmin part, the rest is not really needed. Unless it bothers you to have a .hu ending site address.

I don’t care. Our current website is and I’m looking at 000webhost to make the vam on and then link it to my weebly site. But if you’d “take the lead” that’ll be great.

Well, I’ve finished my break so need to get back to work now. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I’ve tried that host and couldn’t install the system as some part of the script been restricted and couldn’t create tabkes/views for the database. I’ll get home and will have a look for you. On weebly, you only need to create a new option in the top menu, pointing to the VAM site. Don’t worry, we get you sorted… Somehow…😂

Lol. Thanks again. Just pm me. But I won’t be up probably till 18:00 at the latest. 16:00 at the earliest probably. Let’s keep in touch. Thanks!

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