Anyone Want To Fly?

Anyone Wanna Fly somewhere other than SoCal

Sorry, I can’t right now, but try to change the title a bit, maybe let the others know if your topic is still open, and edit it again when you’re done with the flying!

Seattle seems busy on advanced. It an interesting place there.

Sorry Don’t have live+

I think Amsterdam would be good

Are you there now?

Going to go now Call sign is C-CQWAJ I’ll be in an A321 at EHAM

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Just purchased the 767 300 so will try it out are you on playground ?

Sure Lets Form up at runway 09 for formation

What’s the best spawn point for there ?

I dunno just spawn anywhere

Cool .how do we fly formation ?

Let’s just take off at the same time next to each other, and fly next to each

I could come

Sure we’ll wait for you @CaptainDawud

But might need to leave during the formation flight as I’m a little busy

Which server

ATC playground

And plane ?

Any of your choice