Anyone want to fly?

Just looking for someone to fly with on Casual or TS1
Region i dont care but not Hawaii, SoFlo, Denver or Seattle.


Ok, why not denver…

Don’t have it installed. Same with the others

Ok, how about YMRY in Sydney Region

Ok, that’s fine. See tou there.

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On casual… 😉👍👌…

Sorry had to go, Internet was L - A - G - G - I - N - G

Ok, might see you some other time.

Wanna do a fighter formation on casual?

Ok, me and @Pandastic are at YMRY at Sydney

Casual or TS1? Just so I don’t spawn in he wrong one ;)

Casual Server. See ou there!

Just spawned in on casual at YMRY in an F-14, don’t see you

Huh. I’ll respawn… Weird,

1v1 me if you can catch me.

Nice landing on the grass XD

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