Anyone Want To Fly In Chicago

I was wondering if anyone wanted to fly with me in the chicago reigon?

I’ll load up now…Advanced?

Not advanced, free flight, or ATC playground

I’ll see you on playground…I’ll be taking off at General Mitchell.

I’ll be at KORD in 5-10 min

My Callsign is American 75 I’ll be in an A321

Switched over to O’Hare for ya.

Thanks :-)

You still there

Just to warn you, please do not make many of hese types of posts. It floods the forums and can be annoying to some. Right now its fine but once you start making many of these, yes.

These are fine, what we would like to avoid however, are the conversation during the flight or about it. This is ok for finding people to fly with, but once you do find someone, it’s best to continue via PM :)

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