Anyone Want to Fly? [Closed]

I just woke up and I’m ready for a flight with anyone around SoCal!

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What is the socal?

Ill fly with you after I finish school, is that ok?

Southern California

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Ok, I don’t have school :P

I want to fly with you my callsign is Koreanair
What airport ?

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I’ll fly tonight in my A320, work on my ILS maybe i need to get some more EXP. Standing is 100% but my EXP is only at like 3200.

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  • KEDW: Parking 10
  • Runway: 05L
  • We touch and go at: KNUC and KSAN
  • We land on 05L KEDW
  • Do you know how to Copy an FPL?

Ok i know that your flight route
KEDW start and touch and go ksan to knuc ,right?

What aircraft do you want ?

What is server playground or advanced?

When you make an FPL do you just use the map and click on the waypoints and VOR’s you want?

Advanced (if you qualify)

Yes, technically

@Koreanair are u ready?

Im waiting to you at the KEDW parking 10 and im entered advanced server

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It’s too laggy

Let’s go do this at KJFK, ok?

Okay im ready and have waited now

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At KJFK, cuz SoCal is lagging for me