Anyone want to do a group flight?

Does anyone want to do a group flight?

I’ll be at T1 Gate C15
Callsign : E29SC
Airplane type : 787-8
Livery : Boeing House

Ill be there at 13:40Z

I’ll be there

So you will be T1 Gate C16?

Yeah I sure will, is it a 787/8 because I only have the 9 and 10

You can do the 781 with boeing house

Cool and don’t you mean 7810 and will you have an FPL

It would be cool if you continue this in PM 😉😎

Ye sorry…

Ok! Should I add you?

No thanks :-)

Fine… ;)

I’m at the gate if you tell me the server

Can you do the fpl please

Training server 1

I got 9 violations yesterday for some reason… Thats why lol

What speed and alt

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