Anyone want to do a bush flight

If anyone wants to do a bush flight then they are welcome to join me. I’m putting it here because im not sure where to put it. I know that it should go in group flights but that is not a very good place to get people to join me.

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Hey there! I would consider making a #live:groupflights topic about your flight

Just follow the instructions here on how to make one


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I know i know i just don’t like the group flight category.

You can make a #live:events topic since your TL2

Yes, I understand your point there, as not many people want to make a topic that may get no or few pilots who want to join you. I would recommend making a few friends here, and then PM’ing them to ask whether or not they would be interested in joining you on a flight.

Good Luck!

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I have a few friends just none of them can join as they are flying right now.

Ok! Hopefully you can join them next time, I will now flag this for closure.


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You can make a #live:events topic and you can have it posted long er so more people can join

Orrrr, you could make a event like mine which got no attendees. :cry:

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What was the event?

PM me for more details as this is now off-topic

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