Anyone wanna fly with me now )l?

Does anyone wanna come and fly with me now from London or wherever I’m so bored ?

Create a group flight in #live:groupflights and maybe someone will join you 😉

When?Where? I don’t understand what you are saying

How do I do that?

Just make a post with the info…

Now ? From anywhere

Click the new topic button, and you make sure you’ve selected the #live:groupflights category. Then state what airport you plan on starting at and what airport you plan on landing at. I f you have a planed flight path make sure to state that as well.

Your post should look something like this:

(example start)
[[ Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone would like to join me on a group flight.

Departure & destination: EGLL - EGCC
When: 1200z (12:00 UTC or zulu)
Time: 1h:30m
aircraft: Boeing 787 or your choice
Route: direct

I hope to see you in the game! ]] (end example)

With that info, people may join you, I hope this helped!

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