Anyone wanna fly now? @ EDDF - 041300ZJUN19

Hi all,
If anyone wants fly right now respond to this within 10 minuets. I will be flying from EDDF --> EGLL.

Yes tell me the flight plan and when and on what sever

Please, check this:

Also this belongs to #live:groupflights


Spawn in in like 2 mins and spawn into terminal 1 gate B22. Jus copy my flight plan. Lufthansa a320.

@Jakub_Astary Sorry about that I saw other ones and got confused.

I edited the title for you :)


@Ghost_pilot TS

What sever

my name is going to Cpt Will

And what server?

Training Server thats what TS means

Sry didnt see that

all good what will ur display name be?

I am beside you

Better to set up a pm 👍🏻

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ok we will do that.