Anyone wanna flight ? EGLL-YPPH

Anyone wanna flight London to Perth
Departing in 15 mins ?

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Hello! This is considered a group flight and you have to use this format!


Please make sure to follow the appropriate title format. Also give as much detail as possible in your main post (i.e. departure time in ZULU, aircraft, route, etc…) . Any other information you may need can be found in the topic linked above.

Thank you for the info.

I know that I have to post it in the Group flights category. just wanted to know spontaneously if he would like to fly with me

Thank you ! :)

For future reference, just post your topic in the GroupFlights category and you will find out whether anyone is interested or not.

Okay thanks for the info.

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Cool flight! You need to change the title as stated already to post in this category. Feel free to repost in the correct format!