Anyone used the new account website to re-new their Live membership?

I’m about to checkout for the new website where you can redeem your live membership. Has anyone used it? Are there any delays? And do you get it instantly? Thank you very much for helping out! Means a lot!


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Do you have a link?

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He posted it in his comment.

You’re supposed to use the new site if possible. Makes everything easier for the devs & company.

I haven’t done it yet since I renewed before the site was up, but I checked it out and it seems pretty good. You can see your past live purchases, stats, etc.


Ok guys I purchased my live subscription and everything went perfectly! And best of all it was instant! Love the new website!


FYI we are working on making it even better soon … stay tuned.


It would be a nice feature of you could buy aircrafts and regions from that website!

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:( I would have liked that

I cant seem to open my profile on :/
When I click on Facebook as login option, it just shows the circle loading thing but doesnt load up. Anybody else having this problem?

Same here the thing keeps loading…