Anyone up to escort?

Hi guys! I’m not entirely sure whether this is the right place to post this (I vaguely remember a ‘request an escort’ thread a few days ago popping up on the topics landing page), but since I didn’t see an open, recent thread about requesting an escort in the search function, I guess this is where I’ll put in my request. Would anyone be willing to meet a VC-25 (under the callsign SAM 28000) at Parkersburg VOR at the West Virginia border in 20 minutes and escort it to Wright-Patterson AFB? Any and all responses are appreciated. Thank you!

(edit: expert server)

What server?

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It’s on the expert server.

If this is you, I’ll escort. How long will I be following you for?

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Just up until southern Ohio, to Wright-Patterson AFB, preferably.

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I’ll join you now but I can’t go for long

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Isn’t there a thread already?

I thought there was a few days ago, but I couldn’t find it with the search function.

i can’t find one either


Even though this has sparked some activity, next time you can post in some of these categories/topics.

^ For refuelling only.

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