Anyone up for SFO-LAX?

Hey y’all,
Sorry this might seem last minute, but I decided to do SFO-LAX tonight, and wanted to invite everyone.

United airlines a320, Virgin America a320 (rip) or American Airlines 737-800



Casual server (I originally planned to do it only with my friend, and they are grade 1.)

Please join in at 300zulu, just copy my flight plan, my display name is Foxtrot262.

Hello! Please follow the guidelines for the #live:groupflights category.

I’ll come! It’s in 3 minutes?

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Yes. Thank you for joining!

Go to international terminal gate G90

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Wait sorry my bad, go to any G gate in the international terminal

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I’m coming. I’ll be a united airlines a320 or something. Callsign United 2263, display name: NESTLE BAD.

Gate: G100

I’m taxiing behind the Singapore A380. There is no flight plan