Anyone up for refuel?

Hello everyone! I know this will be a lame and unnecessary topic but I’m flying KC-10 for refuelling if any fighter wants. Or just an escort if cool :)

Happy Flights:)

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Post here please.


Maybe you could be less brutal lol

Explain why he can’t post here for example, maybe he doesn’t know.


That is true, don’t know where to post so decided to make one

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I suppose that this could be put in #live. ;)

In order not to clog up our community with topics like: “Requesting Refuelling” or “Flying a Refueler over SFO” some members have decided to make some threads for those purposes. You are more than allowed to post in the topic, that Dylan posted above (with the appropriate format that can be found at the top of the thread) and I am sure you will find someone to fly with and provide him with some Go Go juice 😉


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