Anyone up for Jet formation for a video

Before a mod closes this I wasn’t really sure where to post since The date that I’m going to fly with people is right now also the time now so sorry hopefully this doesn’t get closed until i at least get 1 person to fly with me for a quick shot for a video so would anyone wanna fly an f14 with me to do something if you wanna fly just heart the topic and will PM you :) thanks so much guys :)

This should be posted in #live:groupflights (I think you need to be TL2 to post there though)

Edit: I just saw you are TL2, so post the flight info there

Generally when you have to say this, the topic is not allowed. This should be formatted, and placed in #live:groupflights.

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Okay sorry sorry I wasn’t so sure because the time I was gonna fly was like literally right now sorry guys

Sorry guys I wasn’t sure

Ok thanks! Most people are not ready for spontaneous flying, so if you post it in #live:groupflights you can give people time to be ready

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Sorry, I just read it. I never knew that only TL2 could post in it :)

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It’s all good, we all make mistakes!

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