Anyone up for a race? [Closed]

Whoever wants to join, meet me at KASE (Denver Region) on Freeflight, in any fighter (F/A 18, F14, F16C and F22). We are going to race from KASE - KDEN. First one to land WITHOUT crashing, wins! 🙂😉✈️

Which server?

Likely freeflight, no speed violations.

It’s Freeflight @Samuel123abc. Planning on joining guys?

Yea I’m holding short rwy33

Ok, c u there

Wait for me

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Ready when you are guys

I’m ready now

I’m down


I performed a beautiful landing in a field near KDEN

Sorry I have to go now, that was great fun though😄.

Your 2nd and I’m 1st. And @Samuel123abc to make a perfect landing, make sure you’re going at most 160kts

Well the mission was not about making a great landing was it? I know how to land an F14 although i just wanted to get down this time ;)

It actually was. It said whoever is the first to make a landing, without crashing, wins

I didn’t crash…

Did you land?

Yea :) although I quit afterwards.

I saw you landed and therefore I thought you had already seen me landing…

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So I’m the rotten egg Again