Anyone up for a little game

So I was flying the new CL35 at 39000ft and thought I wanted to take a look inside the cabin and I was shocked to see what was on the video screen

Challenger 350



Whilst this is a cool find, unfortunately this picture doesn’t adhere to the #screenshots-and-videos category rules. As per the category rules below, no HUD views, sidebars, display names and aircraft boxes must be hidden.

Take care!

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Well isn’t that something! Just like the A350!

or the 757! which in currently on!

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oh sweet that’s cool

I am loving the colour choices for each layer! Interested to see how many others has caught on haha!

I believe the colors are also laid out the same way as the trans flag

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That was what I was pointing to haha, did not know if that was being picked up!