Anyone up for a flight? Message me!

Hey, does anyone want to join me on a flight late today? Please message me and I would love to do some short haul flights with you :)

This should be in #live:groupflights :)

@Vinne ill do it with you Wanna Eddf to Egll?

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@Vinne tell me before you spawn In.

This doesn’t belong in group-flights. The OP is asking if anyone would want to do a flight, not posting a planned flight.

@Vinne Oh yeah sorry I’m In the US so I assume different timing.

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Yup, it’s only 9:11am in the morning now 😂

Yea its 9:15 pm here

Do you live in the Netherlands hence your username DutchPilot

Edit:Sorry didn’t look at your profile

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when do you get out of school?

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Nope but I’m Dutch and I speak Dutch. I’ll be moving to Den Haag (The Hague in English) next year :)

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Rule numero uno: