Anyone up for a challenge?

Whoever wants to join (now), meet me
WMBT, Singapore/Kuala Lumpur Region (Airbus 350 is my callsign) Please like or reply if u r joining ;)

Come in any small commercial aircraft

On Freeflight

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Give me 10 mins, eating at a restaurant and waiting for the check


I just discovered a HILARIOUS glitch at that airport

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I’m coming right now.

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Try to find me at the airport

I don’t see you.

Rock climbing I guess?

Hilarious isn’t it?!

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@The_simulation_nerd when u spawn, find me😂

At first I was wondering where you are then you pop up on the cliff!

Check for “Hilarious Glitch at WMBT” to reproduce it😂👍🏼

You still there?

Did anyone see me do 2 loops in an Asiana A321? lol

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I’ll go back now ;)