Anyone up for 1000 mile?

Starting at 23:00 on the south California map, the server will be training 1

Should be in #live:events and it’s not really a event style

No it shouldn’t. He’s just asking for one person to fly with him.


And where does he say that?

Please include a flight plan!

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I did 5,000 mile yesterday. 🙂

I’d be up to it if I was home.

In the title. Asking for anyone available to fly isn’t proposing an event, is it?

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It is a event

Yes pls tell me how to make an event up I’ve tried for ages

Sounds cool, wish I could come.

It is not an event, please get some knowledge before you critique another’s thread. He’s not announcing anything. When someone says they are opening controlling and need “anyone” to fly is that an event?

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