Anyone Tried Landing At Pulau Tioman (WMBT) Runway 02?

Landing at Pulau Tioman runway 2 is very difficult even on a GPS Approach because after the first big hill it gets very tricky if the wind is gusty.

I’ve done it in a 73G. Used every inch of runway.


I’ve done it in an E190. And trust me, it’s harder to take off there than to land.

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LOL,I tried the E190 today but it kept stalling.

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Ill try with the 737 because it doesn’t stall easy.

Put all weight to 0.

i never land runway 02, at the foot of hat runway is a mountain, i use runway 20 landing and take off

My favorite pattern airport! 737 on runway 02!

I took off once with an A319. Just put your brakes on, put full throttle until N1 reaches maximum then release the brakes. Flaps was 2 I think. Doing so helps you save on runway length needed MASSIVELY.

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Challenge the pro: @Parsa

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Ive landed a C172. Thats the biggest I can land there.

But Ive managed to land an A380 at RWY 20

Landing the smallest popular and the biggest popular plane… Come I clap for you 😂

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That does make a lot of sense, doesnt it?

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I can land the entire E jet family on 02 with normalish weight.

I can’t even look at Pulau Tioman anymore. Partly because Siri calls it “Pulau shee-oman” and that I’ve crashed 7 times trying to land there on solo just now.

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Meanwhile mine uh it says

Palau Tioman… Really? Palau? Samsung/Google’s Bahasa not bad sia LOL

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