Anyone still using Zello? Active channels?

Hi, recently came out of “retirement” XD, and I was wondering if Zello is still working out? (PS: I’m a solo flyer so I don’t use live)

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Welcome to the forums!

The Infinite Flight Escort Services are using it for communication but slack is our main communication source.

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Remember this is directed to ATC :)

Zello ATC eh? Dead… People always ask “Anybody on? Hello, is anybody there?” and then nothing much happens

I sometimes do Zello ATC, not now cuz I’m studying

not in all cases… @Flying_Luc @jjt0909

I’d say a big event like that hosted by @Mats_Edvin_Aaro a while ago should be the ones people are looking for. Otherwise, it’s just that same few phrases…

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