Anyone Still On Infinite Passengers?

Hi All,

May I ask if anyone still using Infinite Passengers? If you are still using it I will be hiring a few pilots to help fly my airline. It is an airline based on Cathay Pacific and has a fleet of a B777-300ER with an A330. Comment below if you would like to join or just drop your username and send an invite to Cathay Continental.

Happy Flying!


I would like to!!!

I dunt use it anymore. I think it is quite useless

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I would love to! Let me know

Let me know , I’m interested 😀

I still use it, but I don’t thing anyone is updating it anymore. I would really like to know if the dev is messing with it.

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I would use it if they updated the air nz sound now 2 safety videos behind…

I have it, but never use it. It’s not worth it in my opinion.

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I have it but never use it. Most of the features on it are availible on IF assistant.

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I still use infinite pax and i have been unable to fly on live. Ive been using my airline by myself with an 80%+ (learning curve in the beginning) but never the less without being able to use live while not on wifi i have been using pax on solo and actually gives me something to work for such as earning new aircraft. For that reason, its still a viable app although i use IFASSISTANT as well if not more. I think it is still a great app, especially what i use it for; other than that on live it was hard to get perfect estimations on flight time to landing with unknown delays.

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hi there, i am from hong kong too, i am interested

Yes I do name is cap John Smith

yep still using it. my friend and I are flying every night with iPax. we currently owned few planes such as

• a380
• a321
• 777
• 787

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I would love too help also

Not anymore, should probably start again though🤔

I use IF Pax but it needs more updates and needs to be more frequently looked at.

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Hi All,

I am indeed overwhelmed by the replies… But yes for those that would like to join just send a request to Cathay Continental and I’ll approve!

Hi All,

All invites to join the airline has been approved. Thank you very much for all of your help and hope to see you in the skies!

Happy landings!


Is this still open? If so, my username is Latvia

Yup, still here my friend… If you don’t mind just send an invite to “Cathay Continental” and I will approve. If it doesn’t work for you that way you’ll have to until I get back home and then I’ll send invite.


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