Anyone Recommend any VA's?

Hello IFC!

I was just wondering if anyone can reccomend any VA/VO’s for me? I have already been in BAVA and ACVA.

I am in the UK so any that are EU airlines would be great!

Also, if you can give me a person to contact that would be highly appreciated!

Samuel R

NSV, SAS, BAVA just to name a few European ones.

But others, please don’t make this an advertising thread.


Thanks! What would it have to include to make it an ad thread? I don’t really want it to be seen that way…

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AAVA and look at some ga ones

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Also AFKLM and Luxair.

To make it ads everyone would recommend their own VA and encourage you highly to join it promising great things

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Thankyou, I’ll have a look.

Ah, that makes sense. Cheers, I have applied to AFKLM and didn’t receive a reply back unfortunately.

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If you are not getting any good results from Europe and want to the the USA I recommend Southwest Virtual. I was just accepted in the VA and they have been so helpful and friendly to me. Also some other American VA’s like Delta Virtual, United Virtual or as @American_1549 said American Virtual.


Thanks Airwolf. SWVA sounds good. I think one of my mates is there also so that would be a good person for me to contact 👍🏼


Please reference IFVARB Information Thread - 2019

While we appreciate your interest in VAs, these types of threads often turn into an advertising thread for VAs which is frowned upon. Ultimately it is up to you on what you value in a VA. Reference the website and browse the database and do some research on what you are looking for. Routes, advancement, etc. After that you can browse some of their event threads and private message members in the VA for advise if you wish.

Good luck on your journey