Anyone Recognize this Guy?

I saw that on Josh’s Instagram. A legendary moment indeed


That is what makes me love infinite flight! The community and it brings people together. There’s no other flight sim like that and that is why infinite flight is the best sim!


Such a cool thing to see! Also saw on Josh’s IG. I think it’s so cool now the community has formed met ups and friendships.

Henrik is definitely a legend! We hit it off right away and he’s a super friendly and easy going guy.


Unfortunately, I joined after his time as moderator but from what I hear, people love him

Anyone Recognize this Guy?

“IFC Meetup 2020.”

There, I fixed it for you.


It was great getting to meet you guys. It’s amazing how we were able to connect and talk right away even though I’ve never met you guys in person before. A lot of good memories were shared, that’s for sure.

Hopefully we can fly together sometime soon. 😉


Wow. Last post 2 years ago. Nice to see you back and hope you stay around!

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I thought this was going to be another “Who is this controller” topic 😂

So cool that y’all ended up at the same place!


Incredible to see! Definitely wasn’t expecting this type of topic when I clicked on it. 😂

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wow im also at prudue right now. It will be cool to meet up

Sorta brings tears to the eyes. I really wanted to attend Purdue since the start of my college exploration. Obviously I’m not there as I ended up at WMU but I support all IF members and boilers. Glad to see people connected through Infinite Flight and glad to see both my IFATC recruiters doing swell.

I now leave you guys with one message, Go Broncos!

I have a question @naro, who was taking the photo?? Oh and I see you are near Panera! Did y’all order anything??

We just asked a passerby to take the photo. Nothing from Panera, but we enjoyed some ice cream right before this was taken!

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It’s amazing how what started as just being online together has turned into this. Just goes to show what a small world it is, and that the IFC has started real-world friendships as well.

@naro Get this man set up.


@naro, who’s the guy with the snake in your profile? I really thought it was you all this time 😂.

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It’s the gyro captain from Mad Max. Now that you know what I look like, I must seem less intimidating :)


ayyy let’s gooo boiler up!!

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