Anyone on Iphone 12 Pro Max having FPS issues?

I have a new iPhone 12 Pro Max running the latest version of Infinite Flight. However, I am having significant FPS issues that were not observed on my iPad Mini 5. Basically, the FPS will drop to 15-19 FPS after about 15 minutes of gameplay. This occurs on solo and also online. I have tried different settings and locking the framerate to 30 fps but this still occurs. I have tried basic troubleshooting like hard restarting and making sure I am not in low power mode.

It seems like an overheating issue or memory issue. Because when I initially start flying I am able to obtain 60 FPS with every view and zoomed in on the panel of every aircraft.

How to Replicate
Start out at KLAX (or any airport) with any aircraft (preferably the C172 glass or 737-900) and takeoff with all settings maxed (60 fps and antialiasing on). Fly for about 20 minutes and after around 15 minutes the FPS will go down significantly when looking at the instrument panel. The device will also heat up as well. Please note this can be done in solo or online lobbies.

I have read other threads on this issue regarding the iPhone 12 Pro Max and there was not really any resolution. Many just stated it was poor optimization that needed to be fixed.

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Hello! Testing on a “normal” iPhone 12 Pro (not MAX).

I could most certainly replicate a drop when running on 60FPS + case mounted.
However, as soon as i removed my case, put the phone down and dropped to 30FPS it all stabilized.

The cause is as you mention, heat related and is causing your device to throttle down performance. Heat dissipation on a phone is generally tricky business with everyone both holding your hands on major portions of the back, outer surfaces + having a case on.

60FPS have always been a tough spot for phones with Infinite Flight and any other game that’s not Candy Crush level graphics, and not a setting i would generally recommend. Larger tablets can usually handle it much better since it’s much easier for them to get rid of the heat produced.

What if you try removing the case if you have one on your phone, try a flight at 30FPS in the same conditions you earlier mentioned and have the phone lying down for a while. Does the same thing happen?


Thank you so much for the reply. I will try removing my case and testing. Its a lightweight case and not like a heavy Otterbox so I figured it wouldn’t drastically change heat dissipation. I guess I had really high expectations for the device and thought it would perform insanely better than my iPad mini 5.

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I completely understand how you feel and what you’re expecting makes sense only looking at the numbers :)

I was testing at lower graphics settings than you, so my drop wasn’t as large due to that most likely. But in the 60FPS settings i dropped down to 37-40FPS.

I saw some small drops at 30FPS at first as well, but they went away. Probably due to the phone cooling down a bit.

You and me both.

As someone who owns and uses Infinite Flight on both these devices (I don’t have the Max, however), I wasn’t too pleased with the performance on my 12 Pro at first. It has subtlety gotten better, though. See the last paragraph.

Similar to Seb’s reply, a lot of this has to do with heat dissipation. The iPad mini is larger, hence its ability to keep cooler.

With that in mind, you mention that you had Anti-Aliasing toggled on. You also said you played around with the settings, but what happens if you run Infinite Flight at 60FPS with it toggled off? Is there any improvement?

One more thing (get it? 😂) - how old is your 12 Pro Max? If the device is brand new, there is a chance that it’s still “indexing.” It isn’t uncommon for new devices to work more in the beginning, especially iPhones. You know the drill… iCloud Backups, iMessage downloads, constant email fetching, etc.

Ok so I did some testing. I found that the iPhone is getting super hot to the point where it can’t really be held with no case. That occurred at 60 fps limit setting and max graphics. However, I am not getting any warning message or shutdown.

I have tried lower settings such as anti aliasing off and 30 fps limit which resulted in drops down to 21 fps with an average of 26-30 FPS.

At 60 fps limit I had drops down to 18-21 FPS and averaged 32 FPS. This is with the C172 aircraft. This testing was all done in solo session with no other aircraft.

Thank you for your reply. My iPhone 12 Pro max is about 3 months old. I sometimes still call it new though. Indexing should be done by now.

I would not do this repeatedly for extended periods of time.

This drastically reduces battery health and phone performance and after a year you will start to see problems with the battery draining fast and/or failing.

Hey there,

I have an iPhone 12 (not pro but same chipset) so I thought I’d give this a try. Here’s what I did:

  • iPhone 12
  • Restarted phone with all apps terminated and case off
  • Cranked ALL settings to max with AA turned on and forced 60fps
  • Departed Los Angeles for Vancouver in 739, expert server. Not much other traffic around.
  • Cockpit view, but changed it up every once in a while.
  • 00:20 minutes in (longer than you described) and it’s warm but not hot around the top left of the apple logo (where the chip is maybe?) but otherwise quite comfortable to hold.
  • Frame rate stayed locked at 60fps outside the airplane, and would get to it eventually if I left the camera alone in the cockpit. I could pan around the cockpit and it would sometimes dip down to ~35, including just viewing panels. Once it got down to 25 but that’s the lowest I saw and it was brief. Still the phone wasn’t hot.

The next thing to test would be flying into a busy airport and changing the variables. On my older iPad Pro, I have to run it with rendering resolution not on max but everything else can be cranked.