Anyone of you flying planes/helicoptors in real life?

Working on my PPL in a Cessna 172


I crew Chinooks in the US Army. I don’t pilot the aircraft but i am the back end eyes and ears and back up the pilots knowledge.

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I fly C152s and C172s when I’m not busy with work on simulation stuff :)


just seeing the tag on here from @Laurens. Yes I do fly Boeing 777s but I have other aircraft in my portfolio as well. Have had the pleasure of flying the CRJ700, ATR-72, PC-12, BE-90 and many other light aircraft. If I can be of any assistance please send a PM.

Heavy Driver


Have some aeronautical exams in starting of next year then flying classes!

I am 15 so hopefully I will have my PPL at 16/17.


Working on my PPL. I have about 30 hours right now. I hope to be starting my instrument rating by this time next year!


I learned how to fly as a teenager in the Civil Air Patrol in a Coupe 90 and have flown many times of aircraft, not able to stay current anymore because of disability, however I have friends with ga craft and gliders and often I go with them and I get stick time.

I will take gloders license this summer and hopefully will take CPL within next 8 years.

@anon66442947 flies planes too

Anyone of you know some of the best Glider Simulators ? also free ones :)

I have FAA PPL-Helicopter rating. don’t have tons of hours, I fly for fun when I have extra money. it’s not cheap.