Anyone need ATC?

Thank you.

I am there

Sorry. Delayed to 1:00 my mom told me to do some things

Thank you very much @KSNA. Is there any advice i can take?

You did very good. All instructions, that I heard given, were the right commands for the given pilot request.

Thank you for keeping RWY 34L clear of other traffic.
Also, the Emirates 777 that you cleared for takeoff on RWY 34C departure to the south was an excellent execution. But keep in mind that I was using rwy 34L and I knew that Emirates 777 was going to start his/her left hand turn for the south. Which would have put both aircraft at risk. As a result I delayed my takeoff and held short of 34L until I knew the 777 was ahead of me safely.

The screenshot illustration can clearly show potential for a conflict. (777 turning to a southerly departure from 34C and Citation in the pattern for left traffic runway 34L.

Coming from O’Hare to LGA. Advanced server could use one!

Thank you for the advice.