Anyone need ATC?

We have found several recently when scouting around. There are good ones but many many still don’t know how to sequence. Have any of them get in touch with me here if you know of any really good ones. // Recruiter

Ok I’ll be on the lookout for names ;)

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I have not yet. May you give me more info about this?

If and when you feel you want to do some practice controlling, we will get 3-4 ATC pilots to do pattern work.uou take both tower and ground and control us as we do touch and go landings. Big thing we look for his prompt accurate commands and sequencing which is a must

I would like to participate if possible, I’m good at flying the pattern.

Do you have much experience doing ground and tower controlling

Yes. I have controlled on playground numerous times.

Question. I uderstand most things when being ATC but i do not have a lot of practice guiding patterns. Can you explain this concept to me. I do not know what sequencing is.

@jonah.c please read this commuinty tutorial from IF commuinty.

How to fly a (visual) pattern

And ATC Pattern and Sequencing Tips

Ok. Thank you very much

I understand this now. If you are open today. ( my timezone is PDT pacific daylight time) i would like to get some pattern controlling in. Thank you

Would you like to give a go now? I’m PDT as well.

Not now. I need to get some work done. Around 12:30. Pm. PDT. If you are open then.

Okay, if I’m available see you then.

Thank you very much!

Is Seattle ok again?

Yes, Seattle is fine. I’ll be in the polka dot Cessna Citation X again. Same parking location.

Ok. 12:30 at Seattle

I’ll be there.

Here is a airport diagram of KSEA to help you with ATC ground operations.