Anyone need ATC?

Anyone need atc. I will be in atc playground and will be at airport of first replyers request if available

Antigua, TAPA?

I need to get a few landings and a couple of go around’s in.

Cessna Citation X

Do you have seattle?
I do not have Caribbeans

Caribbean Region

I do not have that region. Any other place? I have Seattle

Okay, Seattle it is.

Where do you guys go?

I will be there

Seattle tacoma for practice at playground atc
What is ur callsign

FDS 901 Cessna Citation X

So first of all - thanks for the service. Secondly: try not to clear people for takeoff/landing before they have requested it - you don’t know yet what they what ;). Go around is used when a plane is on approach and can not land (e.g. when they’re not aligned with the runway, another plane is still/already on the runway)-not directly after takeoff. And maybe you try to process an approach request faster than in 5 minutes next time. Otherwise good service.

Thank you very much for the advice. This will help me in the future. Thank you very much

I am back. Anyone need atc?

Yes … Sydney Australia please

My call sign will be Qantas

Good job.
-when a pilot request pattern work (in this case 16R right traffic) there’s no need to inform the pilot to go around report right traffic.
The pilot will fly the pattern instructed.

-When a pilot advices ATC that their on the downwind, that’s when it’s appropriate for ATC to inform the pilot “Cleared for the Option”

Thanks for the invite, your’re on your way to being great.


Let me know if there are other regions you would like to practice, I have almost all of them.

Thank you very much. I will use this information

I am there

Have you tested or practiced for Advanced ATC ? When your ready let me know.
// Recruiter

You won’t believe how many good playgrounds ATC’s are out there waiting to be found to finally have traffic that listens to their requests. ;)