Anyone know?

Anyone know what plane is next after the ejet rework. I’m legit so curious to know!
I’m hoping it’s the a380 rework or 747

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There has been no talk about it at the moment. Sit tight with the ERJ’s and I’m sure it will be of discussion soon! Let’s appreciate what has been given now, and what’s in the works. Let’s worry about the future when time presents itself, shall we? :)


100%! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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If you would like to support an aircraft to be reworked next, you can vote for them in the #features section

And I would say for good reason, nobody will know until staff are ready to announce it.

Looks like you joined not too long ago so you might not know that after the ERJ-175 the Embraer 190 is getting reworked, and after that we have no reliable information apart from the number of votes of aircraft features.

Nothing has been announced by the Infinite Flight team regarding what’s next after the Ejets